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We love Kim Mayer and you should too!!!

'Santa Cruz Waves' spotlight on Kim Mayer.:

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Eric Geiselman's Rip Clip

The only thing better than a surf and skate clip of Eric Geiselman in South Africa is adding a Melvins song to it. And that’s what this is.

South Africa MIni Edit from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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Choose the 'Get Rad' Crew!!!

Lead by our main man Kyle Thiermann, the 'Get Rad' Crew out of Santa Cruz have a shot at winning the Nike 6.0 Surf - USA & Canada Chosen competition!

The contest is to find the world's sickest crew, and style them out Nike 6.0 style. Watch the video and vote for our boy Kyle and the rest of the 'Get Rad' Crew! Voting ends tomorrow, so get your votes in now!

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Erica Hosseini as Bo Derek?...

Since EG wont introduce us to Erica we have to settle for photo shoots...  I heard she looks even better in person, especially when shes throwing massive hacks in your face!!!

Check out the Bo Derek look alike!

Bo-Derek "TEN" Shoot from on Vimeo.

Visit her page:

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Rusty Long getting Pitted in Puerto

Here is some footage from the vaults of Rusty Long from 2008, pulling into some big nasty barrels in Puerto Escondido.

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Morrissey on Cote's Cube

Mike Morrissey's back is healed and the dude is shredding!!  Here he is with our favorite rock nerd Chris Cote on the legendary 'Cote's Cube'.

Check it:

Sector 9 surfers Mike Morrissey and Erica Hosseini have both been nominated for Orange County Surfer of The Year.  Vote and help them win!!!

Mike Morrissey - Vote for 'Orange County Freesurfer of the Year' here: 

Erica Hosseini - Vote for female 'Orange County Surfer of the Year' here:

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Those who surf together, drink together...

The only thing more popular in NY than Long Island ripper Balaram Stack is Stella Artois. And when it comes to some of San Clemente's favorite things Tanner Rozunko and Budweiser come to mind. Here are the two S9 teammates and drinking buddies.

Thanks to whoever bought them the beer! Cheers!