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Not really but this little up and coming Beschen is putting together some impressive video parts for such a young kid. You gotta think living right at Rocky Point is helping... Get em’ grom!

Watch the video here:

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Sammy Stinnett On Fire, Wins Again!

"Sam Stinnett did it again last weekend winning the first ever Portuguese UST event and racking up his third win in only four events so far this season.  Sam could be on his way to the best UST season of all time as he has already tied last years record three wins in a single season, and we are just at the half way mark."

-United Skim Tour

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Tudor Takes US Open

Joel proved yet again that he is one of the steeziest dudes on a board by winning the Pacifico Nose Riding Contest at the U.S. Open. Congrats!

Photo: Checkwood

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Ryland Rubens Rips…

Little man Ry heads up to Lowers to get his super shred on. Look for some big things to come from this kid.

Ryland Rubens from Ryland Rubens on Vimeo.

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Gavin Gets Cosmic…

Another little glimpse of Gavin at home on Oahu. Great GoPro footage that makes us want to go surfing for the rest of the day. Gavin is such a great dude!!!

Get some more on Surfline:

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Mike Morrissey Owns this Wave

A little hidden gem in Mike's hometown of Laguna gets ripped a new one! Great photo by friend Jon Steele.

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Ornella Lays it Back!

Check out our cute Argentinian powerhouse, Ornella Pellizzari, laying it back super style in Venezuela last week. YEOW!!!

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Jarrah Tutton Schralps!

You know how when you take someone back to a skate spot that you grew up shredding and its not nearly as cool as it used to be? Case in point with this one as Jarrah brings us to a little shred spot that would be great if we were 6 inches tall... He still had a barefoot session on it.