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9 Tricks: Mr. Tibs

Monsieur Tibs Parise est en Amérique apprendre de nouveaux tricks et il dort sur ​​un canapé. Voici 9 nouvelles du Français.

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Dax and Finn Welcome to the Family!

We recently added Dax and Finn McGill to the Sector 9 family. These two are full on surf-skaters, and growing up on the North Shore you can bet we will see many more great things from them. Big welcome to the whole McGill family!

See it on Surfline:

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Puerto Rico Through Victors Eyes

Sector 9 and Muir Skate sent Victor to Puerto Rico for the Guajataka downhill.  A week after he left they erected a statue in his honor... legend status!

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Gullwing's Ben Schroeder Benefit

The Breadbowl was swarmed by a group of do-gooders, led by Gullwing Truck Co., and rallying around a benefit for Ben Schroeder. The mayhem that followed was our favorite kind! Karl Strauss beers, Wahoo's fish tacos, raffles, punk rock, and a burly skate session!

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Deep End Team on Oahu

Shaun Ross, Danny Tumia, and Tyler Martin, recently took a trip to skate with Hawaii local Billy Fortier.  The boys were frothing and got straight into a session off the plane.  Street spots, demos, and private bowls... nothing was left unskated.

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Meet Our Friends Billy & Jon

Meet our friend Jon Steele who just met our friend and rider Billy Fortier. Thanks to Steve of Cholos for the session at his top secret tropical hideaway!

Full story from Jon Steele here:

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Tumia Attack!

Danny Tumia attacks Pacific Park with the aggression only a Landshark can muster.

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S9 Surf Team shreds North Shore Park

The Niners met up with the Transworld Surf bros for coldies at the Banzai Pipeline Skatepark. It's what you do when the surf goes flat.

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