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Todd Johnson Wins!

Tojo won the Florida Bowlriders Comp at his home park Kona, and earned a free trip to Brazil! Yeah Buddy!

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Shane Allen Slams!!!

Shano Insano went to the Pink Motel Jam and was having a good time until he got an accidental pile driver... His neck is ok but his knee is jacked. Heal fast Jedi.

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Pilloni en El Salvador…. Bueno!

We sent Louis Pilloni and Arbor's James Kelly to a downhill jam in El Salvador over the weekend.  Big thanks to the boys of Back to Play Sports who took care of Lou and James. Here’s the boys kickin it with some local crew.

The Downhill Division cant get enough of Rene and PR. Rum, tanned goddesses, and really friendly people. Viva Puerto Rico!

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Downhill Division Hawaii 2011: Part 2

The boys find their way deeper into the islands in Part 2 of the 2011 Sector 9 Hawaii tour. Floating mini ramps, night hill bombs, beachside bowls, and more coconuts than a Zico factory... shootz!

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A Night With Tyler Martin

Rainy days in Portland. Tyler has been on fire lately... key holder status at the Dos Bowl.

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Billy Fortier Loving His Spot - Graveside, HI.

Babes, beers, and skating on the beach. Billy’s got it all.

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Cory Juneau - 2nd in Vans Am at Combi!

Little man takes 2nd even though he was under the weather... That’s right 2nd is for the HORNS! Congrats Cory!!