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S9 Team Colombia Heats Up

Edge Boardshop in Colombia brought everyone together for a great contest and Sector 9 had an epic showing!

Juliano Casemiro, AKA " La Leyenda", won the race last year but still kept it fast in the rain for this years event.

Gustavo Paredes Mena of Peru is the newest Junior on the scene and he is making his mark. He is currently leading the IGSA Juniors series, watch for a lot more from this kid!

Reine Oliveira from Brazil got 2nd in the Women's Division and won the Slide Comp. Congrats Reine!!

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Jacksonville is holding….

... for now. Jay Dodson, the Mayor of Jacksonville, is organizing the Kona Pro Surf Contest. It would be a shame if you missed it, but we will let Sandy decide.

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Broadway Bomb 2012

The Sector 9 crew barged the cop filled streets of NYC for the 2012 Broadway Bomb. Despite the barricade and the NYPD sound cannon, skaters from all over the world took the 9 mile ride down Broadway with police escorts the whole way!

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Escape From NYC!!!

The Sector 9 Boom Squad, lead by NY fashion model Chloe Norgaard, and her partner Alex Ferzan will be representing the 9-ball this weekend for Escape For Good!  Dressed as their favorite super heroes they will be escaping to benefit Save The Children Foundation.

Follow them along their 24 hour journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Donate to the Sector 9 Boom Squad and Save The Children here!

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Sector 9 Presents: The Casbah Halloween Party

After years of loyally rocking out at the legendary midtown mainstay, Sector 9 is presenting the Casbah Halloween Party! Join us this Friday at one of our favorite spots ever, to rage with our friends The Blackout Party and other great local bands.

Giveaways and good times guaranteed!

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Ride With Pride 2012

This past June the annual Ride With Pride push race in the Philippines took over the streets of Manila and the turnout was huge! Aloha Boardsports hosted the event along with the help from the local authories. Nothing better than a police sanctioned race through the middle of the city!

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Ride 4 Blood IV

Come watch the S9 Team donate some blood to the Bloodbowl this weekend! Shaun Ross, Eli Anderson, and Jeremy Peckham to name a few.

Skating and saving lives all at the same time, there's not really a better way to spend your sunday, see you there!


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Sector 9 Rock Weekend

The 9-Ball rocked hard this past weekend with shows from Solana to Imperial Beach.  The glowing yellow truck was a beacon of good times and even better jams!

Xavier Rudd @ The Belly Up Tavern


Low Volts @ Night & Day Streetfest

Dont miss the all the Instagram photos from the Night & Day Streetfest!