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Thane on The Lens

Skiddles are in the air... literally. Chance Gaul rips a raw run down Angie's Curves while spraying urethane all over the lens.

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Product Guide: Skiddles

We are proud to announce the release of the Skiddles, the newest addition to the Shred Thane line up. In this episode of Sector 9's Product Guide, the Downhill Division demos the Skiddles' multicolored onslaught of sliding purity. Taste it!

The legendary Melvins front man is releasing a solo acoustic record? Can’t be! It’s true, and everything is going to be fine. “I have no interest in sounding like a crappy version of James Taylor or a half-assed version of Woody Guthrie,” he said. We never doubted you King Buzzo.

Here’s the first single, "Dark Brown Teeth" off the upcoming album, 'This Machine Kills Artists'.

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Tibs at The Old Bro

Killing it with a big board on a mini ramp is Tibs Parise's specialty. The Old Bro ramp gets the whole bag of tricks from the French transplant in this summer time warm-up.

Tibs Carlsbad Miniramp Old Bro from OLeev-UnitPicturz on Vimeo.

"Pro surfer and activist, Kyle Thiermann, takes a trip to the north shore of Oahu to find out how GMOs are impacting the land and the people on the Hawaiian Islands and what it means for the rest of us."
-Surfing For Change

The only things we should be modifying are muscle cars and motorcycles.

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SXSW Scavenger Hunt & Ditch Jam

In conjunction with the skateboard mayor of Austin, Dave Angelus, Sector 9 and Gullwing Truck Co. are hosting 2 days of events during the legendary SXSW music festival. Hope to see all you festival-goers on Saturday!

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New Music Tuesday #60 - The Coathangers "Follow Me"

Sector 9 has had woman rock on the brain all week. We’re coming down off shows from guitar rockers Deap Vally and indi dance duo Okapi Sun, so we needed another shot of estrogen. It comes in the form of Atlanta garage punks, The Coathangers, with their sharp and snarly single “Follow Me”. The tattooed trio’s next album, 'Suck My Shirt', comes out next week on Suicide Squeeze. Thanks girls.

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Chance Gaul - Wheelbase Interview

The now 17 year old Lagoonian, Chance Gaul, is a skater through and through. Put him on any terrain and witness his natural talent on a board. Wheelbase Magazine made amends with the youngin' after a Giant's Head sneak attack, and asked some questions we've all been wondering. Full interview here: