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New Music Tuesday #47 - Joe Buck Yourself

You can get stuck working on the road. Sometimes you even get stuck in the Bread Bowl and have to work your way out. Joe Buck Yourself ! and Viva Le Vox stop by Sector 9 on their way to work at The Void tonight. We'll see you there, and check back for the video and interview.

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Tattoosday #53 - Chandler Moncada

"Bomb Hills Not Countries", the legendary adage that surrounds what we all do and love. Thanks to Chandler Moncada for sharing our sentiment and keeping the spirit of downhill skateboarding alive for many years to come.

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Georgia Bontorin Speeds to Another Win

Sector 9 Brazil women's team captain, Georgia Bontorin, is a on a roll! After finishing 2nd place in the global IDF rankings, Georgia took her new set of Steamrollers out to the fastest race in the world and won! The Top Skate Pro Teutonia gathers speeds up to 70mph making it the fastest and one of the most exciting in the world!

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Spike TV Visits The Breadbowl

Dhani Jones of Spike TV's 'Playbook 360' takes a seat in the Breadbowl with the Downhill Division's Jeff Budro and AJ Haiby. Downhill is the name of the game with these two as they answer questions about their particular disciplines.

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Turkey Slide Jam 2013

The Turkey Slide Jam is back again for its 2nd year. New and improved obstacles, prizes, and turkey! See you out at Tallega on the 30th!

Event info here:

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Uncooked Pig

Jackson Shapiera and Rachel Rayne get a little Uncooked Pig lunch followed up by a drive down the coast. It would have been a lot longer drive if Jacko actually took out Rachel...

Uncooked Pig from Jackson Shapiera on Vimeo.

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New Music Tuesday #46 - Plastic Visions

You meet the most interesting people in alleys. During a recent Diarrhea Planet show we ran into former California surfer turned Nashville transplant Kane Stewart. Over beers behind the Soda Bar we were introduced to Plastic Visions, which is Kane’s project with his cousin Brad Shultz of Cage The Elephant. They’ve just released a fuzzed out, distorted blast of songs featuring Kane’s unique vocal style. It’s the kind of stuff you hear coming out of alleys.

Kyle Thiermann of Surfing For Change sits down with our friend Chris Cote to discuss his mission to bring awareness to the trash epidemic threatening Bali. Want to learn more? Watch Kyle's newest full film "Indonesian Trash Tubes" here: