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Matt K. Scouts Kichigai Road

From Japan to Australia to California, catch him if you can.  Matt Kienzle is constantly on the move, on and off the skateboard. Watch him feel the wasabi burn on this endless, uncharted mountain speedway.

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St. Francis Speed & Slide Jam

This weekend in Cape St. Francis, South Africa is the Sector 9 Speed Run & Slide Jam. This is one of the only events in the world actually held on a golf course!

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Tannito en Mexico

These days you hear a lot about what’s going wrong in Mexico. Well here’s what going right, Tanner Rozunko going right that is. Mucho gusto Tannito!

mexico tannito from Tanner rozunko on Vimeo.

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New Music Tuesday #25 - Low Volts // Show List

Between our beloved Casbah, a Colorado train ride, and the legend Leon Russel, our own  Low Volts is in for one long dirty summer.  If you find yourself between Durango or Mission Viejo be sure to buy our guy a drink and go get some tattoos.  North East rockers, keep your ear out for more June dates coming soon...

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Tattoosday #36 – Eric Wagner

Another look back into the photo archives and we came upon Eric's awesome rendition of the Carvin' 9er. The Carvin' 9er is almost 20 years old, about the same age as Eric in this photo, and isn’t showing any signs of aging. Cheers to the land of the rising sun!

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Catalina Classic on Wheelbase

We are still reeling off a great weekend in Catalina. Thanks to the crew at Resource for a great event, and our boy Marcus Bandy at Wheelbase for the coverage.  The 9 crew was rolling deep all weekend and we were stoked to see Jomar make the finals. See you next year!

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Evelyn Abad at Lake Cunningham

Evelyn Abad is rad. If you see her at the skatepark you will quickly see how much she loves skating. On top of that... she rips! Here are a couple recent photos from Lake Cunningham park.

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New Shoes for Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin takes a fresh pair of Iron Fist kicks and rolls into action. I guess they work.