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N-Tense & D-Centz - New Zealand

Matt Kienzle, Gabe Gwynne, and Chad Gibson headed south of the Equator for some lush landscapes and winding mountain runs. New Zealand is the perfect place for some high speed pack riding with your friends.

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California Roots Fest 2013

The California Roots Music & Arts Festival is back, and led this year by San Diego's own Slightly Stoopid!

Don't blink because you might miss the 9-Ball Truck charging up the coast to Monterey!

Once you're at the festival don't miss your photo op with the #RootsRobot. Hashtag for a chance to win prizes!

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Golf Path in South Af...rica

Lightly regarded as the only downhill race in the world that is held on a golf course, the St. Francis Links Speed Run & Slide Jam offers a narrow cart path, fluffy sage brush, and plenty of green fairways to soften your landing.

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Brittania Classic 2013

With the Danger Bay week coming to a close there’s no slowing down, the Brittania Classic is back for is 6th annual running. With rain in the forecast and high speed as the goal it should be an exciting weekend of racing.  Here's the video from 2011 to get you pumped!

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New Music Tuesday #26 - Fred Armisen

Underground rock royalty, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols,  Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney, and J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., joined Fred Armisen on Saturday Night Live to announce his departure. Fred is well known for his hilarious characters during his long tenure at SNL, but he is also an accomplished musician having played in multiple bands and having a strong connection to underground music. In a very cool move this past weekend Fred said goodbye as his character Ian Rubbish, accompanied by his favorite influential artists.

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Tattoosday #37: 9-Ball Bill

Meet 9-Ball Bill. He is arguably one of the biggest Sector 9 fans on the planet and is indefinitely part of the family! He spends his days helping troubled youths, while his downtime is spent on a skateboard or riding his bike across the AZ desert.  What will you be doing in your 70's?

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Caspar the Friendly Norwegian

18 year old Norwegian, Caspar Grette, made his Downhill Division debut at the King of The Hill race in Oslo over the weekend. In true Sector 9 fashion he raced hard, smiled all day, and ended up on top.

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Scoot Speaks

Skate[Slate] somehow wrangled a call with the Canadian drywaller turned speed freak. Scoot talks Danger Bay, green hair, Striker’s weight gain, and the upcoming race season.

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