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Tudor Takes US Open

Joel proved yet again that he is one of the steeziest dudes on a board by winning the Pacifico Nose Riding Contest at the U.S. Open. Congrats!

Photo: Checkwood

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Slamfest 2012 - Hosted by Dave Angelus

He actually started and ended the Gullwing Slamfest with his all-out brawler approach to skating. Get back up and stick it!

Sector 9 rider Dave Angelus is a true beast on a skateboard. Hills, parks, and street spots… nothing has a chance!

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Ryland Rubens Rips…

Little man Ry heads up to Lowers to get his super shred on. Look for some big things to come from this kid.

Ryland Rubens from Ryland Rubens on Vimeo.

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New Music Tuesday #3 - Hank III Headed West

Our own head Hellbilly, Hank III, is bringing his brand of country and hardcore music to the west coast this August. When not on tour, which is almost always, III has been busy helping find homes for dogs in his native Nashville. Read about it here, you do read right?