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Tattoosday #13

At the Central Park Cruise this past weekend we ran into a super fan. Can’t remember his name but he was really cool, and no camouflage can hide the 9-ball tat. Thanks bro!

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Bread Bowl - May 2012

The Boys have been getting it in lately on Wednesday nights. Elijah Anderson, John Torchia, Connor Getzlaff, Andrew Mercado, RJ Baltazar, and Shaun Ross pre-game for the "Bread Bowl Blowout" coming soon!...

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Central Park Race this Weekend!

Spend a nice afternoon skating around Manhattan's Central Park and then join Sector 9 for Beers at the Boathouse! Please be careful on Saturday because there will be a lot of people enjoying the park's roads. See you at noon!

Joel Tudor threads the gauntlet. More info on the race here:

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Lau is just dripping with style and we want some of it. The boys at SKATEHOUSE MEDIA put together a lil' video of Mr. Aloha, check it!

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S9 Italy Makes Us Want to Skate!

Pasta, meatballs, and some lovely downhilling. Italy has no shortage of any of that, Ciao baby!

Thanks to The Maccaroni Project!

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Go Skateboarding Day 2012!!!

Here we go again with Sector 9’s 7th Annual Boardwalk Poker Run.  Come on out and bring the kids!

More info here:

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Tattoosday #12 - Another Forearm Gets the 9-ball!

Old friend of the 9, ex San Diego local, and integral member of the 'Touchy Subjects' is a 9er for life! 9-Ball shining down on South Mission Beach's Belmont Park roller coaster... that's OG!

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Sector 9 Wins Canada!

Or at least we brought a 15 year old kid and a veteran who both dominated! Chance Gaul wins it, and what else can we say about Canada?... WE LOVE YOU!