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Kelly Zaun Claims the South Bay Surf Series!

Whats better than beating all the grown men at a surf contest? Well, having them carrying you up the beach as you smash a beer, that’s better...

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Catalina is an Island...

And the S9 Downhill Divison are a bunch of pirates! With that said, the crew rolled deep into Avalon and attacked the hills... and the bars. Catalina Classic is back!

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With A Side of Victor

Sector 9 and Kenny Luby got together to produce possibly the best downhill movie of the year. Featuring Jeff Budro, Louis Pilloni, Jackson Shapiera, Chance Gaul, Matt Kienzle, Daniel Luna, AJ Haiby and of course Mr. Badass... VICTOR!

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It Feels So Good to Be a Winner!

The first ever Sector 9 Campus 9-Ball Hunt at SDSU was a huge success! These are our two winners, JD and Matt coming to collect their prize money. Welcome to the new warehouse boys! See you next year for round 2!


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Alexis Rivera - Puerto Rican Jedi

Puerto Rican Jedi, Alexis Rivera, came to California for a few weeks of filming and cruising with the S9 Skate Team. He did not fail to impress... see for yourself!

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Tattoosday #9

We think this one came from a customer at Sun Diego. As you can see this kid is down for life, not only for the NINE but for bamboo pintails. Love it!

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Seek and You Will Find...

Yes kids, you will find one hell of an American made masterpiece! This vid breaks down Sector 9’s latest Platinum Series board, the SEEKER. It tells you how the board comes and how it should be ridden. Now you just need to go get one...

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TOMORROW!!! - Portugal The Man

We are back for more, so Bring On The Bright Lights!!!  Portugal the Man will be turning it on at 4th and B tomorrow night, and Sector 9 will be there in force! Come hang out with us for another rocking good time!