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An Interview with Kyle Thiermann

Sector 9 Surfer and Environmental Activist, Kyle Thiermann.

"Some might argue the spark was ignited back in 1990. Back when Facebook was yet to be conceptualized and Kyle Thiermann was a 10-year-old boy growing up in Santa Cruz. The son of environmentally active parents, he had only just set foot on a surfboard for the first time. A decade later, he would combine those two passions—surfing and environmental activism—in a career that would see him traveling around the world as a teacher and filmmaker."

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Everyone say Hi to Todd Johnson.

Name: Todd Johnson
Alias: Tojo, Retodd, Sweet T, T-bird
D.O.B.: July 21, 1970
Place of Origin: Florida
Local Hood: Kona and surrounding beaches
Favorite S9 Skate: Tojo model
Favorite Terrain to Skate: anything smooth
Favorite Music: anything smooth
Favorite Beer: chocolate stout
Favorite Food: fried fish
Favorite Book: The Sign for Drowning by Rachel Stolzman
Pets?: Cannon, Cuddles, Jiggs, and Grizz
Fears: infanticide
Motivation: the sun rising
Turn on's/off's: what is this Playboy?
Words of Wisdom: never give up
Future Plans: provide, prosper and travel

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Win a S9 Complete from Emota Inc.

Good Things Come to Those Who PLAY! from emota on Vimeo.

Check out @EmotaINC on Twitter for a chance to win the Sector 9 Complete!! Winners will be announced on June 21st... also know as Go Skateboarding Day!!!

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Raise Hell 5 Ramp Jam with Danny Tumia

“Um I think I missed my flight” was the last thing we heard from Danny Tumia, aka Skelator. He came down for the Vans Combi event, got lost in LA at the SkateHouse, missed his flight and resurfaced a week later at the Raise Hell Jam up in Norcal. A barn, cows, and a ramp was the setting as Skelator threw down for a solid 2nd place finish in both pro and best trick. Yeah Skelatorrr !!!

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Go Skateboarding Day: June 21

Date: June 21, 2011

Time: 12:00pm sign up and 2:00pm skating

Location: Crown Point Park on Mission Bay in San Diego, California

Come out and skate!

Join the event on Facebook!:

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The Surf / Skate Connection

Sector 9 surfers Joel Tudor and Eric Geiselman are featured in's article, "The Surf/Skate Connection - Chapter 1".

Surfing came first, but skateboarding is beginning to infuse itself into the sport.  Not only are the tricks crossing over, but its almost impossible to find a pro surfer who doesnt skate as well....