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Vote For Kyle Thiermann

Sector 9 Surfer and Film Maker, Kyle Thiermann, has his short film "Where is Away" in the Possible Futures Film Contest. If he wins it will be a big step in the right direction to helping solve plastic pollution.

Watch the film and then vote for Kyle here.

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Mountain of Angels Outlaw with Jackson Shapiera

Friday afternoon Louis tags me in a post on facebook.

I get online and check it out and its details for some outlaw race in LA that was meant to be only 20 minutes away from the skate house and on the next morning. He said it was meant to be some small low-key thing on a cool little street in the suburbs, we watch thevideo of the track and figure it should be fun and decide to hit it up.

Saturday morning we show up and say g’day to the 20 something stoked kids and locals that had gathered, and not before long it became apparent that word had spread about this little gathering. One by one some familiar faces started to show up, such as Mischo Erban, Zak Maytum (Aka Roger Beaumont), Max Capps, Danny Conner, Tim Del Rosario, and a whole bunch of other So-Cal shredders. It was a pretty solid turn-out for such a low-key gathering.

The hill was pretty fun for a road tucked away in the middle of LA. It wasn’t super fast but offered left-right sweeper combinations before hitting left hand hair-pins, and then repeat. There was a lot of flow on this track and the pavement was nice and smooth.

Frankie Obregon, the young fella who decided to throw the event together got things under control with spotters at the bottom with radios to help control traffic, and the area was nice and quiet with friendly locals so that helped a lot with being able to run a closed road.

The event was pretty laid back, which gave it a pretty sweet vibe. Everyone was chilling out, taking a few practice runs here and there and feeling the style of the hill, and once it was decided there were enough riders present to compete racing got underway. Heats were thrown together in no particular order, whoever decided to jump into a heat just jumped in and away we went.

It was a simple elimination system with no ‘tree’ or race-bracket, everyone kind of figured out if you didn’t come first or second you were out of the race, but still stoked to hang around shredding the hill and sinking some cold refreshments.

There were some pretty solid heats throughout the day, I had some fun riding with Louis and some other LA locals, but once there were only a few of us left it just got nice and rowdy.

Semi finals saw Max Capps, Roger Beaumont (Zak), Peter Eubank,Louis and myself. We all pushed off pretty solid and went into the first corner section as a tight grid. Whoever was on the inside dived in and elbows were out, shoulders bumping super rowdy style. The lead was swapped a few times and eventually Zak and Max crashed themselves out and Louis and I made it onto the finals, which also consisted of Tim Del Rosario and Daniel who was shredding all day in his first ever race!

Once again it was a tight start with us bunched up into the first corner, but Louis and I got a bit further ahead and played tag down the rest of the hill. I snaked the lead at one point but then lost speed in a corner and Louis managed to sneak by, and held it all the way to the finish with me tight on the trail.

Really stoked on such a fun day and a rad little event. Major props to all the supporting companieswho threw down some schwag to be given out to all the groms and newbies!

Frankie did a great job getting everyone together and putting on the show, there were smiles all around and the locals seemed to really be into it. Keep up the good work Frankie!

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Somewhere in the 805...

Shane “ INSANO”  Allen just finished draining this rough monster out in the hills of Southern California, somewhere in the 805.  Check back soon as he plans on jumping into it off the back-ho….the dude is nuts!!!!!!

See what Shane is all about:

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Whistler Skateboard Festival

Congratulations to Sector 9 riders, Louis Pilloni and George Mackenzie, on their 2nd and 7th place finish at the Whistler Skateboard Festival. With over 100 racers and 2,000 spectators, this first year event hit the ground running and is not looking to slow down. To read more on the event check out the Whistler Question Article


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Sector 9 and Sea Shepherd Join Forces

Sector 9 showed up at the "Sea No Evil" fundraiser benefitting The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to unleash one of the 3 new decks that the we are collaborating on.

Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd, was there with his crew spreading knowledge and love. He took some time to sign some decks and hang out with EG and his family.

Art by Dave Kinsey. Look for his art on the S9/Sea Shepherd collaboration decks!

Tons of great art and an even better crowd of people showed up in support.

Watch the video recap of the event from .
Look out for the collaboration decks available soon from Sector 9 and Sea Shepherd. Support the cause!

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Boardwalk Poker Run photo album

Check out the photo album from this year's Go Skateboarding Day - Boardwalk Poker Run!  Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Downhill Division: Road to Whistler

The Sector 9 Downhill Division is up in Vancouver, British Columbia for the Whistler Downhill Festival this coming weekend. Even though it's raining, they are making the best of it sliding around the wet patches in Deep Cove and riding some motocycles in the Sand Pits. Keep an eye out for the next S9 Look Book to see the whole scoop. Photos by Jeff Budro

From left to right: Scott Smith, Louis Pilloni, George Mackenzie, and Gabe Gwynne.

Ozzie Gabe hanging on around a fun left.

G-Mack hitting some chunder trying to power through.

Overcast but nice out.

Scoot dropping through a waterfall right.

Louis swinging a little wide to get around George.

George turning up some sand in the pits.

North Vancouver Loc and S9er, Steve Lange, throwing a fatty no-footer.

The crew is piled into the van and heading north towards Whistler. While some dry weather would be nice, rain or shine the team is ready to throw down.

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Sector 9 Boardwalk Poker Run recap

Another successful Go Skateboarding Day under our belt. Thanks to everyone who participated and made this year the best Poker Run yet! Hope to see you all and more next year!!!

Happy Go Skateboarding Day 2011!!

The Start...

Best Poker hand wins $400... people were frothing!

Everyone wanted to eat some Wahoo's burritos after the 5 mile ride.

Shaun Ross... The Boss was destroying the mini launch ramp.

Sector 9's World Famous Egg Toss!!!

Little grom ripper Bryce Wettstein won the big money with a powerful Full House. $400 richer and a little bit colder.... Congrats Bryce!


Photos: Budro, Wettstein, Naudz