Posted In Events by admin Friday, May 06, 2011

Sector 9 Downhill Division hits the Road!

The car is packed and the two-week tour begins. Louis Pilloni, George Mackenzie, James Kelly, Gabe Gwynne, and Marcus Bandy have started their journey and on their way to the first event of the Southwest Series, Buffalo Bill Downhill ( in Golden, Colorado. It doesn’t stop there. After the race festivities are done, they repack the truck and head south to Albuquerque, NM for Ditch Slap and the Atomic Bomb Race. Stay tuned as more updates, pictures and videos are soon to come.

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Mic'd Up with Matt K at Maryhill

Take a run down Maryhill Matt Kienzle as he talks you through a run during the spring 2011 freeride.

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Quick Snapshots of the Maryhill Freeride 2011

Hundred and thirty skaters bombing at once with a helicopter to capture the action? Here are a few video screen grabs from the 2011 Maryhill Freeride and road trip. Stay tuned for the video.