Posted In Sector 9 - Rock Team by admin Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hank III - New Releases & Tour

Our old friend/fiend Hank Williams III has been on a tear. On the heels of a triple release fall record drop, Hank once again has put the rubber to the road and completed a west coast tour, jammed home refilled the gas tank and is now tearing up the east coast.

Free from the chains of his former label, Hank has been able to create the music he’s always wanted to by releasing  a double country record, a doom rock record, and a speed metal record all on the same day!!! Something that’s never been done before, Damn!! 



His show length has now reached 3 hours and covers the complete spectrum of his new music. The live show has reached a level you’ve never seen before, hell we’ve never seen anything like it before and I’ve seen Hank III 50 times! 

So East Coast Hellbillies, go see him and tell him Sector 9 sent ya.

  1. skate_954 Says...

    that mask is ridiculous!!!! haha!