Posted In Sector 9 - Downhill Division by admin Friday, November 04, 2011

Ice Cream Chase

The crew is out enjoying their day when a dark visor skater causes some ruckus as he passes by.

  1. Mr. Skateboards Says...

    Ice cream! Oh, I mean, Sector 9! Ha-ha. I am a fan of your videos, and I love this Ice Cream chase episode.

  2. Cole Fateley Says...

    I just love watching sector 9 videos everyday, I really enjoy them and hope to longboard on those hills to.

  3. Philip Duroseau Says...

    Yoose Gice, props very nice. I'm still hunting for my 9 black on black slide gloves, just moved from Albuquerque, Dave Angelus put me on those from Skate City Supply. Keep up the good work! Live2Ride OverNOut