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Everyone say Hi to Todd Johnson.

Name: Todd Johnson
Alias: Tojo, Retodd, Sweet T, T-bird
D.O.B.: July 21, 1970
Place of Origin: Florida
Local Hood: Kona and surrounding beaches
Favorite S9 Skate: Tojo model
Favorite Terrain to Skate: anything smooth
Favorite Music: anything smooth
Favorite Beer: chocolate stout
Favorite Food: fried fish
Favorite Book: The Sign for Drowning by Rachel Stolzman
Pets?: Cannon, Cuddles, Jiggs, and Grizz
Fears: infanticide
Motivation: the sun rising
Turn on's/off's: what is this Playboy?
Words of Wisdom: never give up
Future Plans: provide, prosper and travel

  1. rachel Says...

    Todd, love these photos of you- and provide, prosper and travel- very nice. Thanks to you, The Sign for Drowning could become a favorite amongst skaters. xRachel

  2. Willi G Says...

    T-Bird's made of stone and honey!

  3. skp Says...

    So smooth and styly. True Florida

  4. RandyofSD Says...

    Hey man awesome pics! you rock! Much success in your future :]