Posted In Events by admin Sunday, May 08, 2011

Downhill Division: Driving through the Night

It was a 16 hour haul through the night straight to Boulder, Colorado  to meet up with Colorado locals at Zak Maytum's skate warehouse for a ramp session before heading out to the hills. After a day or riding some of the worlds fastest hills (video to come) it was another early morning and off to the Buffalo Bill Downhill with over 100 riders from across the globe. It took three U-Hauls to get the riders back to the top of the hill after a run. Yes, there was even an electric 'fuel' pump for riders to refuel. 1200 miles under the belt with 1500 more to go. Stay tuned with more updates to come.

  1. Aaron Abbott Says...

    Man...I need to get better at riding. Bombing that hill looks like sooooooo much fun.