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Product Guide: The Omegas

Did we hear you're looking to do some mega huge slides?! Our team has been putting these new wheels to the test lately and leaving the hill completely happy. This isn't just some re-hyped urethane poured into a different shape, its a completely new formula designed with "sliding for days" in mind. The offset core combined with the shape of the wheel leads to a perfect coning and a very high mid-wear performance life to these new skateboard tires.

Available in stores August 31!

We're proud to introduce Jackson Shapiera's Pro Model, the Hijack. This deck is the culmination of several different iterations and prototypes that we can recall making here at Sector 9 headquarters. It is rare to have a team rider be so critical on the finer points of the board shape, and even rarer for him to take a step back and realize they have gone too far in search of that perfect feel. Apart from the shape, Jackson also explored several concave molds. He finally landed on one with humps in the at the front for your toes to push against and keep you locked in, a non-intrusive W in the middle for the added strength and smaller humps at the back to help with the board feel.


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Downhill Division - Arizona 2015 (Part 2)

In Part 2 of the Sector 9 AZ Trip meet the crew and get a look into how 15 guys travel across the desert. Fast skating in some of the most picturesque landscapes Arizona has to offer combined with 3 days of antics and pranks, you get a dirty motorhome... we still can't believe we didn't get fined.

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Product Guide: The Barge

The Barge is elegant in it's simplicity and functionality as a downhill board. A 9-ply maple construction, rocker drop pocket, uniform riding platform, and just enough tail pop to make it a freeride dream. Riders had been custom shaping and asking for bricks like this when they came to visit the woodshop, so we figured it was warranted to add one to the line. It is great as a do-anything board, and though the features are few, they really shine in their own regard as you push the limits of downhill, freeride, or red curb sessions.

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Downhill Division - Arizona 2015 (Part 1)

Load em' up and ship em' out! The Sector 9 Downhill Division piled 15 guys into an RV and hit the road towards Arizona in search of deserted mountain roads. The landscape was perfect and the pack riding was legendary. Enjoy part 1 of the Downhill Division's 4-wheeled attack on Arizona!

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Product Guide: Bomber Suit

Introducing the Sector 9 Bomber Suit, our first leather suit designed specifically for downhill skateboarding! Watch the Downhill Division take the new suits for some high speed test runs.

"Designed specifically for downhill skateboarding. Made of 100% high quality cow leather, we added strategically placed kevlar, lycra, and an accordion panel to allow for comfort and flex. The knees have a medium density foam pad and removable velcro leather patches that will allow you to add Sector 9 Replacement Caps. The inner suit consists of nylon and polyester wicking mesh, with an added spine protector pouch and inner chest pocket. Includes a hanger and carry sack. Available in S, M, L, and XL."

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The Usual Bet

Jimmy Riha and Jackson Shapiera find a beauty of a road out in the California hills. It wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't anything on the line so the boys opt for the usual bet and race each other to the bottom.

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Jimmy Riha Interview: Riding The Radical Railroad

San Diego native Jimmy Riha gets up close, personal, and super chatty in this latest interview on Wheelbase Mag. Check it out!