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Kellen Upsets Killian

Multi-winner of the Rincon Classic and team rider Kilian Garland took 2nd last weekend while S9 family member and Kellen Ellison took home the crown. It was a stacked final and Rincon provided some long walls for the boys to show their stuff on. Check Surfline for full story:

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Tattoosday #55 - Jacko's New Ink

We were wondering when we might see another Tattoosday, but we didn't expect it from our main man down under, Jackson Shapiera. If you didn't know already Jacko is a 9er for life... Now he has proof.

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Stockholm Skate Gathering with Erik Lundberg

Lundy has been hopping the Atlantic pretty regularly this year traveling to and from races. Although, he made sure not to miss the Stockholm Skate Gathering in his homeland of Sweden. This is the 3rd of 3 episodes... see the rest here:

Stockholm Skateboard Gathering with Erik Lundberg Ep. 03 from NORDICSURFERSMAG.SE on Vimeo.

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New Music Tuesday #27: Retox - 'YPLL'

The second release from RETOX comes in at just over 20 minutes in length but feels like  an hour’s worth of direct punches.  “YPLL, Years of Potential Life Lost” is pure aggression but also might be Justin Pearson’s most accessible music yet.  The San Diego band brings wit and intense energy to every "two-minute-or-less" track.  Its hardcore for smart kids, smartcore?

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Tattoosday #38 - Cody Wagner

You are now looking at the newest Sector 9 tattoo on the planet! Cody sent this to us straight out of the tattoo chair. Thanks for the shoulder real estate!

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The Legend of Bob Marley

Meet the man behind the music in this new release, 'Marley', a look into the life of Reggae legend Bob Marley. Want to watch it? Today might be a good day for it...

Get it!:

On Demand:

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Speedflying in Wengen, Switzerland

A little something to blow your minds before the weekend, Happy Friday!!

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Euro Tour: Part 4

Louis has been cranking out videos while overseas for your enjoyment and we’re stoked to present part four of his Euro Tour series, featuring some crazy narrow roads in Sweden. Be sure to watch the whole video for a hilarious clip at the end!