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Happy Birthday Matt Despres!

Little man Matt spent his 12th birthday skating with a bunch of friends at the legendary Kona skatepark.  This kid keeps getting better! Thanks to James Grosser for filming.

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Highway Gospel Afterparty!

Whether you are coming to the Highway Gospel premier tonight or not, join us after at the Shakedown Bar for a ripping afterparty! There will be a special 2nd screening of 'With a Side of Victor' and Dj Lurkado will be keeping the party jamming.

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Turkey Slide Jam 2012

After stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving we needed to burn off some unwanted poundage, so we rolled out the BBQ and tents and posted up in the RAD Zone for the 2nd Annual Turkey Slide Jam. Chew on this... slides for days!

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New Music Tuesday #7 - Xavier Rudd Jams In The Van

Xavier recorded a couple of songs for Jam In the Van while in Los Angeles on the Spirit Bird tour last month... check out 'Land Rights'!

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix...

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Bryce Tanner takes 2nd Overall for CASL

This past weekend, little man Bryce headed out to Palm Springs and claimed second place for the season. We are so proud of this little guy but also scared because he skates better than some of the grown men who work here! Congrats Bryce!!

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Ross Druckrey hits South Africa

Downhill skateboarding is alive and well in South Africa. Ross went down to SA to get his final credit to graduate and ended up with a bunch of new friends as well. A big thanks to Koffie Jacobs and Core Surf Gear in Jeffrey’s Bay!

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Help The Highway Gospel!

We need to sell 29 more tickets in the next 29 hours in order for us to actually get the theater!  Help support a rad cause and come see an epic movie!

Date: Nov. 29
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: San Diego, CA - AMC Fashion Valley 18
Price: $10
(Buy them here:

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Man these little kids are getting good these days. Here’s future surf star Noah Beschen showing that skateboarding is cooler than surfing... actually their both pretty damn fun!

Vote for Noah Here:

Noah Beschen - California 2012 from LIEBER VISION on Vimeo.