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Danger Bay 2010

Danger Bay X is just around the corner. Here is the action from Danger Bay 9 with the crew. Take a ride as they skate in the Canadian rain.

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Grom Bomb Splash Down

Ozzy Sector 9 rider, Jackson Shapiera, sent us over this event recap from the Grom Bomb Splash Down he threw over in Australia:

"Hopkin Skate seems to be the local hangout for all the grom skaters these days, we have seen numbers rise dramaticly every month with more and more kids getting stoked on longboarding. Every school holidays the shop is jam packed with kids frothing on the skate gear, meeting up for sessions and just general stoke. There are so many kids around the Sydney area ready to shred these days its not funny. Kam and myself have put together a few ride days in the past few weeks teaching about racing techniques, we figured it was time to organize a small race for them.

With the school holidays coming to an end, we thought it would be cool to let them finish it off with a race through a fun little bike path not too far from the Hop Shop. The track was nothing too intense, it was about 300m long with a chicane, average speeds and a tight 90 degree right hand turn at the bottom. It was the perfect track for those who are new to the whole racing scene and the spot was very grom-friendly.

As the date drew closer, the weather forecast were little grim. We were in for some wet weather, however this was not going to stop us. One big part of downhill skateboard racing is on race day you have to skate, not matter what the conditions are like. This being the first race for many people who attended, it was great to see how confident everyone was with skating in the wet and slippery conditions. Every single person there looked solid on their board, knew how to handle the slippery conditions and used solid breaking techniques to negotiate the final corner with other riders in close proximity.

We had 22 show up to battle out, with a 1-on-1 format. Whoever won their heat made it through to the next round with the loser being eliminated. The finals and consolation finals however were run as a 3-man heat due to the numbers in the racing brackets. Each heat as exciting to watch, as all the skaters were racing full-boar into the final corner with many slips and stacks. Nearly everyone there was drenched and covered in mud from slipping out on the final corner. Watching a lot of new faces pick up the game and dial in the track with confidence was rad to see, as the heats moved on skaters figured out their lines and breaking techniques to get around the final corner after a solid drafting battle through the chicanes and take victory to move on to the next round.

In the consolation final it was Caspain, Alex G and Tim racing for 4th, 5th and 6th position. Caspian was solid and made it through the corner to win the consi and take 4th place, with Alex and Tim crashing behind and scrambling for their boards. Alex just managed to cross the line for 5th and Time took 6th. In the finals it was all-out carnage. Hunter, Liam and Grant had all been skating solid all day and made it to the final round, and all 3 of them came barreling into the final corner at full speed in a tight little pack. Hunter was out in front but managed to slip out and crashed into the mud, however he had blocked the line in his crash with the 2 following skaters sliding right into him. This then turned out in Hunter's favour as he was the first one back up and managed to cross the line first to take the win with Liam following for 2nd place and Grant taking 3rd. The smile on Hunter's face was enormous, as it was his first ever race. Stoked to see him skating solid all day, out in front in every single heat. Hopefully we will see these groms out on a racetrack soon skating against some of Australia's best.

Big thanks to Sector 9 and Orangatang for supplying wheels and stickers to 1st and 2nd place, and thanks to Hopkin for dishing out a skate tool for 3rd and a few packets of bearings for 4th, 5th, and 6th place. Those guys will really need them after a soggy day of racing (and seized bearings).

After it was done, we figured it would be fair to send all the guys who were out in the first round back up the top for a china bomb. As they had to sit out and watch the rest of the racing we could see they were all still keen to skate. Mackenzie was the first across the line and scored himself a new packet of bearings.

Stoked to see so many turn up despite the crappy weather, and big thanks goes to Kam and Arvin for helping out on the day. Hopefully we can get more of these smaller introductory events happening across the country to further expand our already rapidly growing sport!"

Words by Jackson Shapiera

Gullwing Truck Co. and Sector 9 team riders Tyler Martin and Danny Tumia... these two are a circus on wheels while they travel up the East Coast.  Who do you think the ring leader is?

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, love your mother!  Do something green today. -S9

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Claire Bevilacqua in Bali

Check out S9’s favorite firecracker Claire Bevilacqua as she tears up Bali. Wow!

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Slightly Stoopid 4/20 Show - Japan Disaster Relief Benefit!

Slightly Stoopid's 4/20 show will benefit Japan Disaster Relief! More info:

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Sector 9 & GullWing East Coast Road Trip

As I pack my bags, I realize that I am going to be in a car with the “Danny and Tyler” show for a week What have I gotten myself into? After landing in New York I met up with Danny Tumia, Tyler Martin and Andrew Mercado at EG’s house in Manhattan. We got to skate around NYC for a bit but were off the next morning heading down the east coast with plans of skating everything in our path eventually ending up in Jacksonville, FL for the Florida Bowl Riders contest. With Sector 9 and GullWing as the main sponsors of the event it was bound to be a good time.

Our first stop was a sick bowl in Philly, it was around midnight and locals where still skating. So we stretched our legs out and got in a solid 2 hour session. After that it was off to get the world famous steak sandwich at Gino’s.

The next day we stopped at the Green Project bowl in DC. We met some cool locals who told us that the bowls foundation was made out of old tires from the local river. Really cool. Mercado had a friend, Jaime, in DC so we stopped by his house for a BBQ and a few beers. He had a sick bowl in his back yard but mother nature had her way and we got rained out.

The next day Jamie told us about Dave’s indoor bowl in Virginia and that we had to check it out. Once we got to Dave’s we had the private session of a lifetime. Can you see where this is going? Bowl after bowl after bowl.

Being on the east coast, we had to do a drive by at Eastern Skate Supply and get a session with Reggie Barnes. He’s not only got another sick bowl, but an entire warehouse to skate. Thanks Reggie.

We pulled into Jacksonville, FL, called Jay and he was like “come meet me at the bar.” We knew that was going to be trouble seeing how it was St Patties Day. After a few green beers and some flashing girls we retired to the pad for an after party. The next day was rough but we made our way to the World Cup Bowl Riders Contest in Jay’s Mini Winni that was wrapped in the Jacksonville Jaguars logo’s.. Everyone on the road was cheering for us, it was awesome!

Danny, Tyler and old timer Todd Johnson held it down at the New Smyrna contest. The next bowl contest was at the legendary Kona skate park. The competition was brutal and the finals were insane. All the boys skated their heats with a live band jamming pure aggression. Martin from Kona has one of the oldest parks and every one had a blast jamming down the snake run and shredding every inch of Kona.

Thanks Martin for hosting and a BIG thanks to everyone who helped us along the way and I’m definitely looking forward to next year…

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4th Annual Spyderfest at HB Pier

Hermosa Beach was on fire this past Saturday for the 4th annual Spyderfest down at HB Pier Plaza. Amongst the dozens of black tents, the bright yellow Sector 9 booth stood out with South Bay superstar Jex, and his mini South Bay helper Krista, heading up games and handing out prizes, hats, and posters.

Most of the games played at different booths were some version of corn hole, but we made kids really work for their prizes by having them do push ups and seeing who could hold jugs of water above their heads the longest.

The younger groms who stopped by got to show their artsy side by personalizing their own Sector 9 foamie hat with paint pens, while their parents got coozies.

As the sun went down and we had nothing more to pass out but high fives, Spyderfest 2011 came to a close with the welcoming sounds of live music and a fresh beer being cracked open.