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Ford Fiesta Movement

Friend Dave Brown and gang from Holiday Matinee made this “day in the life film” about our Jen Smith Dave and Jen are both involved in the Ford Fiesta movement promotion. So it was cool to have them doing stuff together. The event was last night at El Camino, which is slick. There was screen printing art show thing happening, S9 support stirring, and your general scenester socializing. S9 gets some love here….

S9 Rock Team Creepin while you’re sleepin

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Danger Bay 9 Update

How’s it going everybody? Hope all is well down south. So far we have had three days of non-stop events with a whirlwind of weather. The first of three races (Danger Bay) just went down and the nineballs were out repping. It was raining hard for most of the race and didn’t dry up until the final heats. With a soaking wet course it lead to a lot of carnage in the beginning. Erik killed it and got 7th out of 200 racers. Flow wheel rider Kyle Martin got 6th and won the slide comp throwing down 50 foot plus one foot blunt slides shuvit out (had to see it to believe it). Ethan Lau got top 16 as well the rest of us finishing in the top 1/3. We had a tent right on the main corner with a lot of yellow on the course and Sector 9 shout outs on the mic all day. Collecting a bunch of media but here are few pics to check out. The next race is Jake rash on Wednesday. The weather is looking good right now so we are off to skate with different crews and stack some clips. Thanks for holding it down in Cali. Let us know if you need anything.

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